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We stock the full range of Palight Print Plus Foam PVC Sheet, the brightest white foam PVC available, and offer an unrivalled cut to size service. Palight Print Plus Foam PVC is specifically manufactured to meet the needs of the large format print imaging industry.

Palight Print Plus Foam PVC has a smooth and uniform surface, serving as an ideal substrate for print inks. Its uniform thickness promotes better ink adhesion, and its bright white colour yields wider colour gamut and accurate colour imaging. Palight Print Plus Foam PVC is also easy to use due to its rigid and lightweight properties. It is the perfect solution for indoor advertising applications due to its resistance to chemicals and humidity, its low water absorption makes it suitable for short-term outdoor applications. Palight Print Plus also complies with the highest safety requirements and meets US and EU recycling requirements.

Palight Print Plus Foam PVC Sheet is available in white. Standard thicknesses are 3mm and 5mm, and standard sheet sizes are 3050 x 2030mm, 3050 x 1560mm, and 2440 x 1220mm.

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