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Bay Plastics specialises in a range of plastic fabrication techniques, including thermoforming to meet the custom requirements of all of our clients.

Thermoforming is the process in which a flat sheet is heated and formed into the desired shape. The process is widely used in packaging of consumer products and to fabricate large items such as bathtubs, contoured skylights, and internal door liners for refrigerators, although we can thermoform to virtually any shape.

We have the facilities to allow for Drape Forming, Press Forming, and Vacuum Forming to various requirements, with the maximum sheet size being 2440 x 2030mm (depending on material). We also have the ability to produce in-house tooling which allows for a versatile, efficient and cost-effective service.

Please contact our fabrication team at with your thermoforming enquiries.

We now have the pleasure of offering our outstanding products online, making it easier for you to purchase plastic material at your own convenience. Visit our online shop at: