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Adding a conservatory to your home is a popular decision. A well built conservatory made with UV grade Perspex and a polycarbonate multiwall conservatory roof will add value to your home. A conservatory will also add a space to your home where you can enjoy the sun, without worrying about other weather conditions.

Conservatories are often associated with the sun, however many forget that conservatories are outside in all weather conditions all year round. This means your conservatory roof needs to withstand rain, sleet, snow, high force winds and when the sun is out UV radiation. Polycarbonate multiwall and twinwall is the ideal material as it is strong, UV resistant (will not turn yellow in the sun) and weatherproof.

We stock various types of conservatory roofing plastic sheets such as twinwall and multiwall polycarbonate. Each has its benefits and our friendly customer service team can help you decide which suits your needs best. We will cut the conservatory roof to your custom size so all you need to do is install the roof. As well as the conservatory roof material itself we also stock other building materials used in installing the conservatory roof. These include glazing bars, fixing buttons, end caps and aluminium F profiles.

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