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Meshlite and Vandalite sheets are Anti-Vandal polycarbonate sheets. They are rapidly becoming one of the most widely used building materials in Britain today, replacing more traditional products in a fast-growing range of applications where strength and security are paramount. In particular, anti-vanda polycarbonate sheets are growing in popularity in the lighting industry, being used in both industrial lighting and display lighting, as well as anti-vandal glazing.

Our range of anti-vandalism sheets are tougher and easier to fit than glass, cheaper than toughened glass, and more weather resistant than alternative plastics that are available.

Designed with the visual context in mind, there is a growing need for building materials which are in tune with the local environment. Town centre regeneration schemes, community projects and new developments alike can choose the right material for their surroundings. Our anti-vandal polycarbonate can be used in a diverse range of applications from doors and windows to panelling, stained glass and roofing.

Anti-vandal polycarbonate sheets are available in a range of thicknesses.

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