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CNC routing services are available utilising our vast range of on-site CNC machines and in-house plastic fabrication capabilities.

A diverse range of plastic materials can be machined in-house with rapid turnaround. We specialise in machining Perspex®, PETG, and Polycarbonate, and all types of engineering plastic materials from Acetal, Nylon, Polyethylene to ABS and much more.

All plastics have different machining characteristics and material tolerances, so using the right cutting tool is essential in ensuring the best possible surface finish. Our vast experience in plastic materials means that we can provide guidance on material selection and design, ensuring the right plastic is chosen and the desired product finish is achieved for your application. Our largest CNC machine can provide machining of plastic sheets up to 3050 x 2050mm.

Plastic machining, routing, drilling, and engraving services are available on a broad range of plastic materials, in two-dimensional and three-dimensional operations. A wide range of bespoke products are delivered, from commercial to industrial engineering machining applications.

Please contact our fabrication team at with your CNC routing enquiries.

We now have the pleasure of offering our outstanding products online, making it easier for you to purchase plastic material at your own convenience. Visit our online shop at: