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PVC-U extruded products are ideally suited for both domestic and commercial applications. They perform better than traditional alternatives, are quick and easy to install, and are virtually maintenance free. Ideal as a building plastic in a variety of applications, PVC-U extruded plastic is becoming more versatile and more widely used throughout the construction industry. As we become more conscious of the impact the products we buy have on the environment, PVC-U is becoming increasingly popular due to its 'green' credentials. PVC-U is totally recyclable, durable, and very low maintenance, not requiring painting or varnishing like the wood it so often replaces.

They can commonly be found in use in home improvement schemes and act as a replacement to soffit - wood fascia boards on houses, as well as drainpipe use. Increasingly PVC-UE is being used within the home for such applications as skirting boards, making it a versatile product for both inside and outside the home. Being quick and easy to install, PVC-UE is perfect for making home improvements with minimal effort and mess - making DIY plastic applications much simpler and less stressful!

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