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Bay Plastics stock an extensive range of engineering plastic products, semi-finished plastic materials available in sheets, plates, rods and tubes. We offer a professional service including rapid turnaround and cut to size option on all general engineering plastics.

As well as offering advantages over metallic materials, our general engineering plastics hold excellent mechanical and thermal properties over other more commonly used commodity plastics. Engineering plastics are easily workable compared to their metal counterparts.

Engineering plastics offer many advantages over metal as a production material:

  • Reduction in weight
  • Good wear properties
  • Superior corrosion and chemical resistance
  • Ease of processing
  • Electrical and thermal insulation
  • Cost saving

Selecting the correct engineering plastics for your application can be an intimidating proposition, and certainly the selection process will be crucial in determining the success or failure of the application. Therefore, consideration of the application conditions are crucial, i.e. chemicals, heat/temperature, speeds/loads, expansion/creep and insulations are just some examples.

Bay Plastics are here to ensure the right selection has been made. Our commitment to service and unrivalled product knowledge enables us to guide you in all aspects of material selection.

We now have the pleasure of offering our outstanding products online, making it easier for you to purchase plastic material at your own convenience. Visit our online shop at: