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Our shelf management systems provide a quick and easy solution to your in store presentation. Our Acrylic shelf dividers and risers help you to get the most out of your shop set-up.

All of our shelf management systems are used by major retailers, and suit many of the standard products made by internationally recognised shelving system manufacturers.

A well-presented shelf creates a positive impression and helps customers to locate products successfully. Clear and neat separation of products allows the best use of available shelf space, preventing products getting mixed up and saving time when re-stocking or tidying shelves.

The shelf dividers can be attached to the shelf in various ways: simply by clicking them onto shelf rails that can be fixed to the shelf by clipping them on, or held in place with adhesive or magnetic strips. The transparent riser panels at the front of the shelf ensure that products cannot fall out; the system is also complemented by an adjustable product support plate on a plastic base.

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