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Greenhouses, cold frames and shed windows, which are normally glazed in 3mm greenhouse glass are easily broken, especially in high winds or extreme weather. It is too easy for the elderly or young to fall against the greenhouse and injure themselves, for children to kick a football and break the glass or a pet to run into.

Acrylic for Greenhouses

Our clear Perspex acrylic sheet is an ideal glass replacement. Acrylic is strong, lightweight, shatterproof and is optically clear. Your greenhouse plants will benefit greatly from the protection of these affordable greenhouse panels - and with innumerable uses around both the home and garden, days of repairing broken glass and windows will be over.

Polycarbonate for Greenhouses

Our clear polycarbonate is ideal for greenhouses in family gardens and for use in allotments as they are safe when there are children running around and they are resistant to vandalism and flying footballs. Even if you have an existing greenhouse in your garden, with traditional 3mm greenhouse glass you can get the full benefit of polycarbonate sheet by replacing, either when the existing glass breaks or as and when your budget allows.

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