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UV polycarbonate sheet is polycarbonate material with added UV properties to enhance the overall weatherability of the sheet.

UV polycarbonate combines a unique variety of features, combining strength, transparency, low weight, flexibility, durability, thermal and fire resistance. This highly versatile sheet can be applied to virtually any roofing and glazing requirement of designers and architects. UV polycarbonate can also be machined and formed into a wide variety of though and durable fabricated parts.

Installation of UV polycarbonate will protect people, plants, furniture, and other objects from exposure to harmful solar UV radiation as it provides an integrated co-extruded UV protected layer on both sides, which dramatically improved its durability and compliance with outdoor applications.

UV polycarbonate sheet is ideal for use in building applications.

UV polycarbonate is available in clear and bronze, and in a range of thicknesses. Standard sheet sizes are 3050 x 2050mm and 2440 x 1220mm.

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