Perspex Sheet
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Perspex, Plexiglas, Acrylic, Policril
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Glass Look, Fluorescent, Frosted, Tinted, Pearlescent, Sparkle, Cast, Extruded, Vario, Silk
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Acrylic Sheet: Perspex & Plexiglas

Perspex sheet is available in solid or opaque, clear transparent and translucent range of colours to suit all types of applications from Perspex signs to point of purchase displays. The Perspex brand is regarded internationally, as the leading acrylic sheet material because of its design, innovation and finish quality. All Perspex sheet material comes with a 10 year guarantee.

Bay Plastics are an official fabricator and distributor of Perspex acrylic sheets either as a full sheet, or custom sizes cut to your specific requirement. Our acrylic fabricators can CNC special shapes, offer acrylic polishing, acrylic bonding and acrylic bending services. We are confident we will be able to fill your needs, no matter how complex you may think they are. We have been working with Perspex for many years and have built up a strong business relationship that can bring you the best quality products for the lowest prices with fast turnaround.

We offer a vast, unsurpassed range of acrylic sheet colours and there is also a custom colour service offered by Perspex that will match any colour you require. Common acrylic sheet types include: Solid colours, tinted Perspex, frosted and fluorescent. For more detail download our Perspex colour chart.

All Perspex Acrylic sheets detailed on this page can be bought through Plastic Stockist, our online trading division.

If you would like more information on Perspex acrylic sheets, we have compiled a list of useful Perspex Acrylic Sheets FAQ's

What is the difference between Cast and Extruded Perspex?

There are two types of Perspex sheet:

Cast Perspex is the highest quality acrylic you can buy. Made between two sheets of glass (sometimes known as cell casting) it has an extremely high molecular mass making it strong and resilient. This strength makes it easier to bend the Perspex acrylic without it breaking, ideal for fabrication work.

Extruded Perspex sheet is of less quality than the cast acrylic, however still much stronger and lighter than glass. Its lower molecular mass makes it easier to vacuum form into shapes such as acrylic bowls. Generally extruded Perspex acrylic is used for general glazing applications as a glass replacement.

Perspex Standard Colours - Buy Online Now

Perspex Standard Colours offer an endless range of transparent, translucent and opaque colours to be used in any application. The application possibilities are infinite due to the excellent cutting and forming capabilities of Perspex material. We can make anything from standard cut panels cut to your exact specification with no extra cutting and wastage charges to be added, to domes, furniture, shelves, display cases and much more.

Perspex Glass Look - Buy Online Now

Glass look Perspex can be used in any application that requires the look of glass with the strength and versatility of Perspex. From product displays to signage, Glass Look Perspex can be machined and fabricated to create eye catching displays that could not be achieved with glass. Being half the weight of glass, Perspex glass look is also a safer option as there is less chance of breakage.

Perspex Fluorescent - Buy Online Now

Perspex Fluorescent is a range of acrylic sheets that offer vivid eye catching colours with edges that glow under ambient light, creating the effect of the Persex sheet having its own light source. Fluorescent Perspex is available in a wide range of colours giving a modern style to signs, displays and point of sale.

Perspex Frost - Buy Online Now

Perspex Frost has a matt finish on both sides of the acrylic sheet that is maintained after fabrication. This matt surface gives the effect of sand blasted glass or even etched glass. Perspex Frost is available in clear and opal, as well as lighter pastal colours through to the deeper colours of the vast Perspex colour range. The mix of unique texture and colours opens up a wide range of opportunities for POP displays, shop-fitting, in-store promotions and is ideal for free standing double-sided display units, space dividers and acrylic shelving. This type of acrylic is sometimes referred to as Frosted Perspex.

Perspex Spectrum LED - Click for More Information

Perspex Spectrum LED is a range designed specifically formulated to give optimised colour performance with both transmitted and reflected light using white LEDs. With 11 fantastic colours available, whether by day or illuminated by night, signs made using Perspex® Spectrum LED will show bright, intense colour every time.

Perspex Vario - Buy Online Now

Vario Perspex sheets stand out because the edges of the sheet fluoresce brightly under ambient and UV light. This highlight effect coupled with the surface colour that appears to change as the angle of vision shifts makes these acrylic sheets ideal for interior design projects. Perspex Vario acrylic sheet is available in six bright colours, these being more muted than the fluorescent sheets.

Perspex Silk - Buy Online Now

Perspex Silk differentiates itself from the stand acrylic range as it has a matt texture on one side, rather than the gloss finish of standard Perspex. This matt surface finish avoids glare and reduces refections making Perspex Silk ideal for picture framing, face and reverse decorated signs, advertising displays, poster box covers and many more.

Perspex Duo - Buy Online Now

Perspex Duo is an engraving acrylic panel designed to give the visual affect of two colours when engraved. The Duo range is available in either gold or silver that allows the black to show through when engraved.

Perspex VE/VA Museum Grade - Special Product - Contact Our Sales Team Now

Clear Perspex VE and VA acrylic sheets are UV grade Perspex which blocks out 99.99% of all UV radiation. Main uses for this quality grade perspex are: Display cases, museum exhibits and art gallery displays. If a display is in direct sunlight Perspex VA and VE should be used to stop the sun damaging the acrylic sheet or the item behind it.

Perspex IM 50/60

With great improvements in impact strength and more suitability for thermoforming than standard grades - Perspex IM 50 and IM 60 give very high impact resistance compared to standard extruded acrylic sheet whilst retaining excellent edge clarity, good abrasion resistance and high rigidity.

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Perspex Acrylic Sheet Characteristics

  • Weather has no effect, ideal for signs
  • Outstanding light and optical clarity
  • Complete lighting control - transparent, translucent, and opaque
  • Create any effect with different surface finishes
  • Create spectacular designs by easily fabricating into shapes
  • Always the highest quality
  • Full spectrum of colours to work with
  • Very durable material with excellent surface hardness
  • Resists all chemical types
  • Cleaning is easy using soap and water
  • Scratches can be removed with Novus Plastic Polish
  • 100% recyclable material